An implementation method of a coloring ring back tone(CRBT) service, includes: registers a calling subscriber as a calling CRBT service subscriber by modifying the configuration data of the calling subscriber; step B: the calling subscriber who has registered the calling CRBT service originates a call, the originating exchange activates a calling CRBT service based on the modified configuration data; step C: establishes a connection between the originating exchange and the terminating exchange and a connection between the originating exchange and a CRBT system; step D: the CRBT system plays a CRBT to the calling subscriber through the connection established between the originating exchange and the CRBT system, the played CRBT is pre-customized by the calling subscriber, thereby the calling CRBT service is implemented. The method can be respectively implemented in mobile communication network and in PSTN, so that it can satisfy the personal requirement of the calling subscriber, and can avoid the misunderstanding probably produced when the calling subscriber listening to the CRBT customized by the called subscriber.

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