Godo Housing

Godo Housing and Smart Real Estate is a real estate developer based in Ethiopia. As a subsidiary of African Holding Share Company, we are part of a holding group that intends to have 150 subsidiary companies under it. Our vision is to build a modern lifestyle for our customers by providing high-quality homes at affordable prices.
We have ambitious plans to build 500,000 houses in Ethiopia over the next 10 years. Our innovative construction techniques ensure fast delivery and our web application makes it easy for anyone to buy a house from anywhere in the world. Plus, with initial payments ranging from 100,000 ETB to 300,000 ETB and monthly payments from 5,000- 10,000 ETB, becoming a homeowner has never been more accessible.

    • https://www.godohouses.com
    • Web Development
    • Worpress , Plugins , Laravel , Node
    • African Holding Groups S.C
    • September 1, 2023