TechnoLink College was established and become operational in Burayu in 2002 E.C. The Oromia Justice bureau officially registered TechnoLink as a PLC under registration No. QY/1122/03-20895/01 on 25/03/07 in 2002 E.C. with a Trade License No. 92/92140/01/00000001/01 and a registration ID No OR/05/04/091000000001/01 to the organization. The first accreditation by Oromia TVET Commission of Education with Fifteen TVET level programs of study was earned. It began its operations in Burayu town, with a capital of 500,000 birr, a total number of 1,450 students, five teaching staffs, Six supportive staffs and two par timers. Currently, the college is running two undergraduate programs (Business management and Accounting and Finance) and planning two launch two postgraduate programs.